At MineARC Systems, we invest in the development of new technologies to create smarter safety solutions. Our solutions are designed to provide integrated intelligence through diagnostics, tracking and communications via the GuardIAN System. Each product is purpose-engineered to embrace five main principles:

  • Improved personnel safety
  • Increased operational activities
  • Better cost efficiencies
  • Ease of application
  • Integration into wider site network

GuardIAN - MineARC’s integrated intelligence nerve centre

GuardIAN is the nerve centre to MineARC’s integrated intelligence network; connecting all products. Connected assets and continuous data transfer aids to streamline procedures; improving safety and providing peace of mind. GuardIAN delivers refuge chamber diagnostics, personnel tracking & navigation and site-wide gas monitoring data to your fingertips; easily accessible via a secure online interface.

  • Ensure that your refuge chambers are emergency ready at all times with real-time monitoring of vital operating systems, component faults, and chamber usage.
  • Remotely track the location and well-being of all site personnel, and provide automated navigational assistance during an emergency scenario.
  • Continuously monitor gas levels across the site, with immediate alerts if levels rise.
MineARC Systems GuardIAN Monitoring and Diagnostics System

Sentinel Node integrated communication network

Sentinel Nodes are a flexible and expandable network; allowing increased coverage and accuracy of data transmitted between Refuge Chambers and Wearable Technology. The wireless intranet network expands across the site, aiding bilateral communications and data transfer between GuardIAN and the Sentinel Nodes. Sentinel Nodes are an essential element of the integrated GuardIAN intelligence network.

  • Aura-FX integrated sensor technology monitors gas levels in surrounding areas. If gas level abnormalities are detected, automatic alerts will be activated.
  • Nodes send and receive information to MineARC’s wearable devices to aid in personnel navigation during an emergency.
  • Designed as a plug-and-play solution, once installed, information is transmitted frequently to the GuardIAN hub.

Chamber Intelligence

Extending beyond basic protection, GuardIAN integrates state-of-the-art technology with the life-saving mechanics of MineARC’s Refuge Chambers. Each element of the chamber work collectively to improve operational safety and effectiveness. Backed by GuardIAN, the systems provide real-time communications, advanced diagnostics and an intelligent user interface.

  • The Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring continually monitors gas levels within the refuge chamber, providing remote, real-time data via GuardIAN.
  • Advanced system diagnostics, fault logging and activation alerts are delivered via the Digital Control System.
  • The Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) indicates the maintain integrity of the refuge chamber seal.
  • Compact and portable, the Satellite UPS System broadcasts data on battery performance and conditions for fast and efficient change-out; ensuring a reliable backup power source.

Wearable Technology

Bringing the latest in communications and Personal Protective Equipment, MineARC’s Wearable Technology is engineered to ensure a connected workforce. Advanced tracking and navigation technology inbuilt into the design, provide the utmost protection to workers above and below ground.
The safety of all personnel is an essential element of the integrated GuardIAN intelligence network.


  • Tracking technology allows all personnel to be accounted for and safely located by rescue teams during an emergency or hazardous event.
  • Inbuilt navigation guides individuals to the nearest refuge chamber or exit.
  • Visual and physical alerts ensure safety warnings are received even in challenging environments.

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